1980 Mother Goose

Ted remembers having to put on a Cockney accent.

Beryl Wragg appears for the first time: she’ll go on for 11 years. Although she was good on stage, she was very nervous before going on, and after going off. She had to have a cigarette ready!

Two Irenes also start – Irene Bennett and Irene Ratcliffe: both will go on to do 10 years. Irene Bennett is the producer, for this year and the next two.

According to the programme, this is the first time that matinees were introduced. With Thu/Fri/Sat on two weeks, plus matinees, that’s 8 shows. This pattern of 8 performances seems to have endured for the next 25 years, till at least 2002. By the early 2000’s (certainly by 2006), the first Thursday¬†has been¬†dropped.