1993 Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Ted remembers five (or possibly eight) ladies dressed in purple, and whitened faces, dancing to “Music of the Night”, with Ken Fielding as Dracula. The wigs apparently came from the Crucible. “Anything goes” was another song.

Joan remembers standing inside a magic carpet

Becki Travis appeared for the first time: she stays for 15 years. Another new starter is the 13-year old Kathy Allan. She stays for 8 years, has a 7 year break, and is now back with us again. She remembers seeing Mother Goose a couple of years earlier and being impressed by the giant papier-mache goose’s head; plus her best friend Katie Ivermee had been in the show for 10 years, so she joined.

June Salt produced again, with Joan Ritchie as assistant instead.