2016 Dick Whittington

This is our fourth production of Dick Whittington, the last being in 2006. That previous production was when Chris and Sylvia Bradley joined, along with Steve Eddison.  Steve’s role then (and also this year) was Alderman Fitzwarren

A few other current members also appeared 10 years ago: Kathy Allan was Tom Cat, and Ross Crowe was Sarah the Cook (the same as this year). Sue Hewerdine was Dick W in 2006 – she isn’t appearing this year, but her daughter Jasmin is one of our dancers.

Most things are different though. We have several new members for 2016 – Geoff Edwards, Ethan Camilleri and Thomas Hewitt. Plus Rosie Winton, a long-time member of the Variety Show, who plays Dick Whittington for us in her first panto role.

Then there’s Collett Bellamy, who had her stage debut last year as half of Neddy the horse. Having got the taste for performing, she has now joined our chorus. And finally, there’s Sophie Wright. Although she’s listed as a member of the backstage team, she was also persuaded to make a brief memorable appearance as the dancing gorilla!

Steve Atkinson and Kathy Allan co-produced. Steve wrote the script, his first attempt

A digital projector was again used this year, instead of painted backcloths. The time saved was used to good effect. About 12 large scenery “flats” were constructed out of reinforced cardboard and painted by Kathy, to help give more perspective on the stage. They will be kept and hopefully used again in future.

Lastly, having had reasonable success with our experiment with colour LED lamps last year, we hired some for this year. These are much more powerful though, and we mounted them at the side of the stage, to give a strongly shadowed effect. See for yourselves, on the following photos. The intention is to buy our own lamps for next year