2015 Robin Hood

Once again, Steve Atkinson produced, with Kathy Allan, again using an original Steve Eddison script.

Kerry Moorby and Phil Wright joined, from Worrall and Walkley pantos respectively. Jasmine and Amber Hewerdine joined the dance groups, their mum Sue having been Dick Whittington in 1994

To replace Judith Hartley, Keeley Camilleri stepped in as Musical Director, and Jillian Winnard as adult choreographer

For the first time, as far as we know, two horses were deployed: Neddy contained Collet Bellamy and Zoi Colton; whilst Black Beauty contained Hannah McCall and Rebekah Worrall. Two horses meant we could have a love scene. Since the occupants could dance, we could also have a dance scene (to “Tea for Two”). Since several of┬áthe chorus could tap-dance, this could be merged into a full tap number!

On the technical side, we also used a projector for the first time instead of painted back-cloths, and we hired colour LED lamps.