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Welcome to the Grenoside Pantomime Group

Pinocchio was a great success, with almost 2,000 people coming to see the show. This is the biggest audience we’ve had since 1984: that’s more impressive than it sounds, because back then there were only 4 TV channels, no Sky and no internet. So people went out more

Financially, it was astonishing: the amount raised was the biggest EVER All the profit goes back to the Community Centre to keep it going and to support other activities

The AGM will be held on May 15th. Pinocchio will be discussed, and the next producer(s) will be appointed. The DVDs of Pinocchio will also be available: if you want one and haven’t ordered it yet, please contact Liz Milner

After that, Registration is on May 22nd. This is where everyone who wants to be involved in the 2025 show puts their name down

And then we’re off again, for our 50th panto!!