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Welcome to the Grenoside Pantomime Group

Our next pantomime is Treasure Island, which we last performed in 2003

One reason for the long gap is that the original story is dramatic, and not in the least funny. On the other hand, it has some excellent characters: Long John Silver (or Long Joan in our case, as it’s a girl), Jim Hawkins, Squire Trelawney, Billy Bones and many more

As ever, Grenoside Panto will take enormous liberties with the story, so expect to see a rude and flirty Granny Hawkins, an outrageous Doctor, a totally bonkers Captain Bob, and lots more. There are also as many animals as we can find costumes for!

Presiding over the chaos is the man-hungry, and somewhat bewildered, Dame Hattie Hawkins, played by the one and only, Mr Phil Wright

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote the book in 1883, and we are proud to honour its 137th anniversary. Interestingly, his father was a lighthouse engineer, a pretty unique profession!

Rehearsals are well underway: the performances will be as follows:

  • Friday 24th Jan 7.30
  • Saturday 25th Jan matinee 2pm, and again at 7.30
  • Sunday 26th Jan matinee 2pm
  • Thursday 30th Jan 7.30
  • Friday 31st Jan 7.30
  • Saturday 1st Feb matinee 2pm and again at 7.30

Ticket are available now from 0114-288-1589

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Evil pirates attempting to listen unobtrusively to the plot….
The “Fire Drill”….
Not sure what this is….
The lead-up to the “pie scene” (with invisible custard pies)