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Welcome to the Grenoside Pantomime Group

Our recent Treasure Island panto went down very well, playing to about 1,600 people. We had some lovely comments about how slick and professional people found it. “Better than the Lyceum” someone said! It’s certainly true that during the Saturday matinees, the actors often couldn’t be heard over the noise from the audience, despite using radio microphones! It might have been because of the fire drill routine, which involved the audience being sprayed with water though….

We have our AGM on March 18th, where we review how we did financially. The profit we make helps to keep the Community Centre going  by subsidising the less-profitable activities. It’s very important, therefore. The Treasure Island DVDs will be available at this meeting.

We choose the next producer and the next show at this meeting. So far, two options have been suggested. Jack and the Beanstalk, which we last did in 2005 and in which Ross Crowe was Dame Trott. And Sleeping Beauty, which we last did in 2001 with Ross Crowe as Dame Penelope Pinchme!  

Next it’s registration day on April 22nd, where everyone signs up again.

Then it’s a long wait for the cast till rehearsals re-start. We write our own scripts, so that happens during the gap, along with lots of other off-stage activities. And then in September, it all starts again!

There are thousands of photos and lots of anecdotes and memories on the Past Productions page. If you were in the show in the past, why not get in touch?


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Captain Bob and Bosun Benny practice their appalling singing!
Morgan gives Billy Bones the Black Spot!
A local Scout leader doesn’t move fast enough!
The pirates listen in unobtrusively to the plan…
The audience do “The Wave” to stop Dame Hattie being drownded. (I know it doesn’t make sense…)
Pirate Morgan gets disguised as a very convincing parrot
The Fire Drill – because the Jammie Dodger is made of “floaty-floaty wood” which catches fire easily….
Dame Hattie makes a new friend…
The UV scene, with skeletons fighting over treasure
And the finale song!