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Welcome to the Grenoside Pantomime Group

The Coronavirus restrictions meant we could not hold our March AGM, so we will hold it later in the year when we are able. In the meantime, the committee have agreed to put on Jack and the Beanstalk for our 2021 production. Surprisingly, we’ve only done this twice before in our 45 year history, probably because of the technical difficulties of giants and beanstalks! The first was 1990, and the second 15 years later in 2005. So a 16 year gap to 2021 is about right

The DVDs for Treasure Island are done: we’ll distribute them as soon as we can. Or contact Steve to arrange to pick yours up

The audition pack for the principal characters is ready and has been distributed to everyone who expressed an interest. Please contact Steve if you’d like a copy.

For auditions, we’re asking people to email videos of all their auditions by the end of June

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Captain Bob and Bosun Benny practice their appalling singing!
Morgan gives Billy Bones the Black Spot!
A local Scout leader doesn’t move fast enough!
The pirates listen in unobtrusively to the plan…
The audience do “The Wave” to stop Dame Hattie being drownded. (I know it doesn’t make sense…)
Pirate Morgan gets disguised as a very convincing parrot
The Fire Drill – because the Jammie Dodger is made of “floaty-floaty wood” which catches fire easily….
Dame Hattie makes a new friend…
The UV scene, with skeletons fighting over treasure
And the finale song!