2007 Cinderella

Mike Blackburn started to get involved this year, as his daughter Lucy joined. Mike remembers Pippa Stacey doing a ballet routine and trying valiantly to follow her on stage with a purple spotlight. This is the fourth Cinderella we’ve put on: Sally Capp has been involved with three of the four. Jane Dickinson joins to play the evil Stepmother, her daughter Rosie having joined last year.

This was the last appearance of several stalwarts: Mick Travis (after 16 years), Gill Travis (14 years), Becki Travis (15 years), Joan Ritchie (24 years), Roy Ritchie (24 years). Ted and Rita Hampton also retired, after a mere 30 years each. Joan produced, with Becki as assistant – Joan had also produced the previous Cinderella in 1999.