About us

Grenoside is a thriving village five miles north of Sheffield, in England. The Community Centre on Main Street (S35 8PR) is the heart of the village and there are dozens of clubs and societies sharing it.

The Grenoside Pantomime Group has been running since 1976, putting on a pantomime at the end of January each year. Anything between 40 and 60 people are on stage in each show (though not all at the same time…) plus another 20 or so behind the scenes – making props, painting scenery, sound and lighting, filming, tickets, finance etc etc. We range from kids as young as five, up to adults who have stopped counting…

Rehearsals for each show (yes, we do rehearse…) start in September on Wednesday evenings. From December, we also rehearse on Sunday afternoons.

The “next” production is decided at the AGM in March of each year, when the next producer is appointed. Registration for members is in April. Auditions for principal parts (usually about 12 of them) are held in late May or early June.

As well as principals, we have a chorus/ensemble group of about 16 people who are the backbone of our musical numbers, who provide the on-stage chorus of villagers, soldiers, shop customers, or sailors (or whatever the producer asks for!). Plus small cameo roles as they come up

Then there are two dance groups, 12 children of Primary school age, and 12 of Secondary school age

Finally, there are many off-stage roles: sound, lighting, publicity, front-of-house, tickets, treasurer, producer, wardrobe, choreographers, musical director, video etc. These roles are appointed at the March AGM. New members on- or off-stage are always welcome, and these pages should tell you everything you need to know

If you’re interested in any aspect of what we do, please email grenosidepanto@hotmail.com, or phone 0114-246-2889 between 6.30 and 8.30 each Wednesday, Thursday or Friday