2019 Aladdin

Aladdin is always a popular panto, and this is the fifth time we’ve put it on. It’s also (probably) the fifth time we’ve done the washing machine routine where someone is pushed through a mangle, and comes back as a cardboard version! Well, it’s a tradition!

Once again, Steve Atkinson and Kathy Allan co-produced, from Steve’s script

Megan Pestell joined us, playing the Slave of the Ring, plus Louise Walsingham as Costume co-ordinator. There was also a guest appearance by Mike Tipler from Drama, being filmed in blue-screen as Abanazer. We also used the blue-screen technique for the magic carpet ride sequence

For several long-standing people however, this was their last appearance with us: Emily Capp as Aladdin (15 years), Emma Colton doing choreography (14 years), Robin Moorby as Igor, and his sister Maisie (both 12 years)